Reiki Treatments

The name Reiki, from Japanese, is usually translated into English as "universal life-force energy." Reiki uses this universal life-force energy, rather than an individual's personal energy, to bring healing to the whole person. It does this in harmony with the natural intelligence of the mind and body, which work together to preserve and protect health and increase well-being.
Reiki may also be translated as "Spirit-guided" or "soul-guided" life force energy. This is a force even the skeptical client cannot long resist, for the whole person recognizes its powerful, gentle, loving nature.

Reiki Reflections

"Dear Eva,
I wanted to reach out and thank you again for both the hair and Reiki session. Your clients aren’t kidding when we say that you are basically our therapist! It is rare to speak with someone about anything and everything so openly without any restrictions. I appreciate your kind words, positive energy, and lack of judgement more than you know.

I'm really not sure how I can describe to others (and you) how I felt during and after the Reiki session. It took me a long time to stop sobbing. When I reflect on the experience, I knew then, and I still know now, that it was not a typical melancholic type of cry - I know that it was a sudden and well-needed release of so many disconnects layered up.
I suppose that the sadness I had accumulated over the course of this last year suddenly came to surface, and I was finally able to begin to let go of a portion of this indescribable, pain-in-the-pit of your stomach unsettling feeling of grief and guilt. Part of me was there on Lake Promenade, but most of me was floating around somewhere and gathering bits and pieces of courage to move past this. Strange, I know, but that is the best way I can describe it!
Last but not least, I cannot remember the last time I was able to lie completely still and do nothing but breathe and feel my entire body relax. It was truly a wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to our next session.
You're the best."

"The universe, of late, has been speaking VERY loudly to me. 
Thank you Eva, for giving me the opportunity to receive the benefits of a Reiki session with you. Your soft touch and healing nature have definitely helped me start the process of cleansing negative energy from my life.
Thank you! Xoxoxox"
-Aisha, Toronto

"I have had several sessions of Reiki with Eva. It was very pleasant and relaxing experience. I was comfortable and warm, the music was playing softly on the background contributing to the harmony of the session. Eva’s gentle therapeutic touch felt great.
At certain times I sensed warmth flowing from her hands become more intense. All healing energy of Reiki was flowing.
Reiki not only has a healing effect on the body and mind. It also enriches all of our actions improving the quality of life. Moreover, it has ability to clear Karmic baggage, magnify our inner perception, increase self-confidence and trust in life. And, these were the reasons why I wanted to experience Reiki.
Reiki is a holistic healing method beneficial to everyone and I would recommend it to everyone who believes in it."
-Irina, Toronto OR Nurse

"What was my experience with Reiki like: In a word, unexpected. At the start of my first treatment I laid down on the bed and my mind was racing: did I lock the car, is that really what my breathing sounds like, what am I going to do about my client, what's for dinner tonight and on and on. I was consciously trying to squash those thoughts but my mind was stronger than my will to relax. Very quickly something else took over. Warmth, relaxation and an ability to think only of my body was my focus. During the rest of the treatment I felt at ease, calm and unbelievably cared for. Afterwards the sense of inward reflection continues and lasted.

What made me want to try Reiki: I am able to confidently say that I need to be forced to relax and take time to reflect on myself. I tried Reiki to help me accomplish much needed internal reflection and calm.

Who would I recommend Reiki to: Reiki is for everyone. In today's busy world with deadlines, timelines, schedules and more pulling us away from ourselves. Reiki can help us take needed time to reflect on ourselves and heal the emotional or physical issues."

-M, Toronto

2 sessions approx. 1 hr each only $110!!!

"I would like to tell the world about my experience with Reiki through Eva! I truly believe that it has had a significant positive impact on me and my overall "state of being".... I have been through a few years of some very difficult times, and as part of trying to return to my normal happy self, I have been trying various things.....and then came the Reiki with Eva! We started in mid Dec, I put my trust in Eva and the process and I can honestly say that after each session, I could feel subtle changes in my overall feeling, I felt certain lightness, things lifting and re-aligning. I have entered into 2015 feeling renewed, happy positive and very very peaceful and I attribute this to Eva and the Reiki. Thank you"
-Ann G, Toronto

"Eva, It's been so wonderful to see your business (and you!) blossom over the years. You are an incredibly talented and intuitive hair stylist, and I'm so grateful to have you doing my hair, and now in the latest incarnation of that same intuitiveness I've known you for, to be experiencing reiki with you. The pain in my leg after seeing you was greatly improved and I am so looking forward to our next session. " 

-Love, Theresa. Toronto

"I feel so blessed to have had a Reiki session with Eva Therese last week, it was amazing. I felt more relaxed than I have in months, which is such a blessing as a busy mom. She made me feel so comfortable and calm, giving me the space to go deep into myself. I left feeling more balanced, open and rejuvenated. She has a beautifully natural, warm and therapeutic touch. I can't wait to go back!"
- MELISSA M, Toronto


Individual Sessions 

1 1/2 hr treatment $75 (suggested for 1st visit)

1 hr treatment      $65


2 sessions approx. 1 hr each only $110
4 sessions approx. 1 hr each $200

7 sessions approx. 1 hr each best value $320

*Gift Certificates are available.
**Please wear comfortable clothes.
***Prices subject to change without notice, please verify when booking.

*For exact prices, please book a consultation. Prices are subject to change at any time.

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