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Just in time for winter!

I am so excited to FINALLY be Toronto’s exclusive seller of All Natural Skin Cream by Hans Martin.

The best part is that HANS MARTIN in King City, Ontario, makes it locally. Three of the five ingredients are from his own yard and apiary.

The ingredients are Olive oil, well water, beeswax, borax and propolis.

The main uses are for the treatment of rashes, sunburn,
dry-skin and eczema as well as cracked heels. It is an excellent night cream as well as a barrier for cold weather. This is just a start of the benefits of using this cream.

Hans is a retired Physicist and current Bee Keeper, and creates this cream with the ingredients from his bees, organic olive oil from a family farm in Greece and Pure Ontario Well water from his back yard.

Hans has been making this cream for 30 years and has crafted the perfect formula. It has been a miracle cream in our family for my whole life, and if you try it, you will be a believer as well.

 "I recently bought Natural Skin cream from Eva Therese Studios. It is amazing!!!!!! I get very dry skin, especially in the winter and it has made such a difference. I highly recommend it. I've never been able to find a cream that actually keeps my skin moisturized and soft. It's definitely on my favorite things list."

-Melissa M. Toronto

“The Natural Skin Cream by Hans Martin offers all the important features I look for in a product. It is natural, organic, it has no chemicals...harsh or otherwise, it is made locally and above all else, it really works.”

-Felicia R. Toronto

“Hans Martin cream has been great. I have been using the product daily for about a week now and it has helped with my eczema. My skin is healing and feels and smells fantastic.  Best part is it doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your skin.”

-Sheila A. Toronto

"I love the cream! It's magical. It feels so good on my skin and smells amazing!"

-Vanja Vasic
 Executive Director
Arts & Fashion Week 

 "I recommend anyone with sensitive skin, eczema, or prone to allergic reactions to try Eva's Hans Martin cream. It relieves itching and redness, hydrates, and my skin improved significantly within the first few days of use. I call it Eva's 'magic' cream—when nothing else helped, this cream did!" 

-Amy S., Montreal

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Behind the cream, in the words of the creator, Hans Martin PHD

" In the mid-80s I became involved with the measurement and assessment of toxic chemicals in the environment. At the same time in 1982, I started beekeeping. Most beekeepers  are aware of the role that beeswax plays in skin cream. I was intrigued by the notion of producing my own skin cream having had the toxic chemical experience and a casual understanding of the use of chemicals in commercial skin creams.  I was astonished at the number of risky or dangerous chemicals used in skin creams. I decided to try my own formula. I did not like any of the ones that beekeepers were using. I produced a cream but nothing much happened on this front until about 10 years ago when a number of coincidences pushed me into trying out some more formulas of my own. For the last three or four years I have been using a formula which I will not change. All five ingredients are fairly well known to most people. All of them except one come from my backyard or I have complete control over their quality. After producing hundreds of jars and having never had a complaint I feel confident that I've come upon the right product. I use it myself all the time for dry skin especially for cracked heels in winter.
 On one occasion there was a knock at our  door and when I opened it a strange woman was standing there with her two arms in the air exclaiming "it's a miracle". She was a new customer who had recently tried my product and wanted to buy a full-size jar."

Intro special just in time for winter

$30 for large
$10 for small

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