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Eva Therese Studios:

"Thank you Eva, for making me look soooo stunning---once again!!!..We should have taken a ` before` picture---with the pony-tail!!.....what a good transformation photo that would have been!
...and do send my pics, cuz I am soooo excited over MY HAIR!!!.....LOVING IT!!!!........( kept looking into the windows, on my way home)"

Eva, It's been so wonderful to see your business (and you!) blossom over the years. You are an incredibly talented and intuitive hair stylist, and I'm so grateful to have you doing my hair, and now in the latest incarnation of that same intuitiveness I've known you for, to be experiencing reiki with you. The pain in my leg after seeing you was greatly improved and I am so looking forward to our next session. Love, Theresa, Toronto

"My dear Eva,
Every time I go to your salon for a haircut, I think that it can't be any more perfect. But I'm continually amazed each time! 
It always feels so soft, there's so much volume afterwards, and your scalp massage can't be beat!! 
I look forward to my next visit  
-Tanya L, Toronto ON

"Eva I owe you a big thank you! I have never received as many compliments on my hair as I have in the past few years of having you take care of my "mop". And it's not just friends or colleagues! Astonishingly passersby on the subway or street give amazing feedback which is an incredible confidence boost. My hair feels great, looks great, has grown very long (not sure how you managed that girl) and is less damaged now than in the last twenty years. I am beyond grateful to you Eva and submit myself VERY willingly to your more than capable hands. Not only am I ecstatic with my mop but I have never had a bad appointment with you and truly look forward to each and every time we get to catch up and you glam me up!
Thank you always and I owe you forever!"

-Kathy H, Toronto

"I never have to tell Eva how I want my hair cut. I trust her opinion completely and she always makes me look fabulous!"
_Allie E, Toronto

"Hi Eva, 

Just wanted to send you my best ... I am in awe of your hair skills ! Thanks so much, my hair is exactly as it should be. Where have you been all my life ?!? "
Tamara, Toronto

"Ummm I love my hair more and more daily... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
-Christina G, Toronto

Hey Eva! I just wanted to thank you again for probably the BEST BLONDE EVER! I'm so happy with it. See you next time. " 
-Erica D, Toronto

"Hi Eva. Just wanted to say thank you sooo much for the wonderful hair cut. It is easy to style and I like how it frames my face. Thanks again. You rock!!!!"
-Nataly, Toronto

"I left the other day checking my hair in every reflection I passed. My hair looks great, Thanks!"
-Kayla, Toronto

"So, so, so in love with my hair. And I've never had a better time getting my hair done. You're amazing!! Xx"
-Zara. Toronto

"Your work is magic! I LOVE my hair, it looks amazing and the cut is perfect. xxxxx Thank you :D"
-Tanya L, Toronto

"My dearest Eva I am so happy I got to see you yesterday, not just because you made my hair look absolutely fantastic but because you are a beautiful person, my friend and I love you xoxo"
-Rosalyn M, Toronto

"Eva you rock! i love my hair! the colour is exactly what i needed! thanks so much xoxo"
-Kathy H., Toronto

Beauty Parler shout out to Eva Therese Studios!!!
-Thanks Eva Therese for being a fabulous hairdresser!-Beauty Parler's Monica De Rosa

"Almost time for another hair cut and dye with my fave hairdresser! Finding a good hairdresser is something I've been searching for my whole life. If you feel the same way, you need to give Eva a try. It's such a positive and calming atmosphere that will make you want to go back before you need to."

-Melissa M, Toronto, Dearest Clarity Blog

"If you are looking for a fantastic cut, cutting edge colour and service with a smile, I would strongly recommend Eva. She is passionate at what she does and makes sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face and feeling fantastic. I have been going to Eva for many years now and would not trust anyone with my hair. Numerous times I have received comments of how healthy and great my hair looks and I smile and say, "it's all Eva" and hand out her business card. Thanks Eva for making sure I am always looking fabulous! Oh and the All Natural Skin Cream - IT IS AMAZING!! My skin is extremely sensitive and reacts negatively to all types of creams and lotions but this cream is like MAGIC! Eczema is gone! Eva, your product knowledge is extremely insightful and my hair and skin thank you!"

-Linda C, Toronto, Recruiting Porter Airline

"It has been a year now that I have been going to Eva for Scalp and Hair products and treatments.
Having never been a big fan of the way products "feel" on my head I was overwhelmed by the knowledge and care that Eva took to put together a customized, healthy, natural solution for my hair and scalp.
Having a full head of Dreadlocks always presented some difficulties for me in regards to keeping my skin healthy. Eva's recommendations and products made those difficulties go away and have now become an essential part of my hair care solution."

 -Quaison N, Toronto, Creative Director, Jzuntos Media

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
“Eva is a very creative and personable colourist and hair stylist. Her work is always top notch and I get compliments on my colour and cut on a regular basis. Very knowledgeable and detailed - I'd highly recommend her!” January 13, 2011

Ann Girvin

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“The service that Eva provides, every single time, is just outstanding!! She listens to me, she understands my wishes and challenges and then delivers fabulous results!!! I am pleased to recommend Eva to everyone!!! She is a lovely amazing person in addition to her fantastic professionalism!!!” January 5, 2011

Jacqueline Hanley
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Eva Therese. besides being an expert in her field as a colourist is a wonderful caring person with a great sense of humour. She is not only highly knowledgeable but also very creative and finds a way to suit her technique to her client. She gives great value for money and is also totally reliable in every way. Eva Therese also cares about the environment and about her clients' health so she uses products that are gentle on both. My life with my hair has become an adventure since meeting Eva Therese in 2010!”January 10, 2011

Candace Salmon

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
“Eva is incredible at what she does-truly an expert in hair!” December 6, 2010

Maya (Máire) Hanley
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
“I went to Eva on a recommendation and was thrilled to discover that she had real expertise in hair colour. My hair was a mess and in huge need of someone who knew what they were doing. She gave me the perfect colour solution and cut my hair so that it wasn't looking like a bush anymore! On top of that, she is so personable and warm that I really don't want to ever go anywhere else again. I had to move back to Europe and miss Eva's expertise so much. On top of that, her prices are excellent. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.” December 7, 2010

LOVE MY products by eva therese

Amazing Love My...Body Butter review!!!

Check out this amazing review of Love My...Body Butter by Joy David-Tilberg in JOY APPROVED!

"I used eva therese's belly butter throughout my pregnancy and was thoroughly impressed with its soothing and lasting moisturizing effect. I've now had my baby and am stretch-mark free!"

-Emily G., Toronto 

“I love the belly butter – I use it every day and my skin feels nourished and so soft.  No stretch marks!”

-Eva H., Toronto

My hair looks so great now! Using Love My Shampoo and Deep conditioner has made my hair shiny, strong, and it smells delicious.”

- Clare, Guelph, ON.

“Oh my the shamp and cond is amazing, I Love My Hair. You are awesome and amazing!!!!”

-Tara E, Victoria BC.

All Natural Skin Cream by Hans Martin

In loving memory of my Grandfather Rev. Fred Elson, I will be giving $1 for every All Natural Skin Cream' to the HAVE foundation. His dedication to this charity and others while he was alive was so inspiring to me. In gratitude for teaching me so much about being conscientious to others and our planet even now in Spirit. One Love.

-Eva Therese Studios

A Fab review of 'Natural Skin Cream' by  blog Dearest Clarity

Natural Skin Cream February Fave on Beauty Parler!!!

 "I recently bought Natural Skin cream from Eva Therese Studios. It is amazing!!!!!! I get very dry skin, especially in the winter and it has made such a difference. I highly recommend it. I've never been able to find a cream that actually keeps my skin moisturized and soft. It's definitely on my favorite things list."

-Melissa M. Toronto

“The Natural Skin Cream by Hans Martin offers all the important features I look for in a product. It is natural, organic, it has no chemicals...harsh or otherwise, it is made locally and above all else, it really works.”

-Felicia R. Toronto

“Hans Martin cream has been great. I have been using the product daily for about a week now and it has helped with my eczema. My skin is healing and feels and smells fantastic.  Best part is it doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your skin.”

-Sheila A. Toronto

"I love the cream! It's magical. It feels so good on my skin and smells amazing!"

-Vanja Vasic
 Executive Director
Arts & Fashion Week 

 "I recommend anyone with sensitive skin, eczema, or prone to allergic reactions to try Eva's Hans Martin cream. It relieves itching and redness, hydrates, and my skin improved significantly within the first few days of use. I call it Eva's 'magic' cream—when nothing else helped, this cream did!" 

-Amy S., Montreal