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5 top reasons to use hair oil (for men and women)

5 top reasons to use hair oil

Last week I did a post about how you would use hair and scalp oil, and now I will explain the why. Although there are more then just five, here are my top reasons for using hair and scalp oil! Hair oil has been used for thousands and thousands of years for healthy locks all over the world! These tips are good for men and women at any age or hair texture! Number 5 might pleasantly surprise you!

1. Less Breakage! 

When the ends of your hair are dehydrated, it's much more likely to break. Hair is constantly growing from your head 1/2 inch to an inch a month. The reason you don't see length is because it is growing and breaking. Sometimes more breaks then what grows. When you add a small amount of hair oil to the ends before bed, your hair is more supple, and therefore less likely to break while you sleep. Regular small trims and dedication to this tip and you will see growth in no time! Doing a small trim will take off much less then if the hair is left dry and brittle, and starts to break up the shaft from split ends.

2. Healthy Scalp

Create the ideal conditions for new growth! The overuse of shampoo, buildup of styling products and even chlorine in the water can can lead to a dry flaky scalp and clogged hair follicles. Even a mild scalp fungus like Ring Worm is quite common and causes dry scalp, redness and hair loss. This is why I always recommend an apple Cider Vinegar Rinse after your shampoo every few weeks to clarify and balance the scalp. Clearing any gunk and buildup off your scalp is vital to the health of your hair and new hair growth. This is one of the reasons that the vast number of my Love My Magic Hair and Scalp Oil are Essential and Carrier Oils that help heal and maintain scalp health. Click here for more info on my Oil.  The best way to use the oil is a daily ritual. Sit in a comfortable chair and let your head hang upside down between your knees and take a pea sized amount of oil to start on the tips of your fingers. Start massaging the oil into your scalp and slowly and deeply until you reach your forehead. The inversion of your head will allow the blood to rush to your head further stimulating your scalp while you massage. You can then finish by brushing your hair/scalp while your head is still inverted, and this will distribute the oil to your ends. I have seen incredible results in hair length and scalp health using this method myself and clients who have practiced this method with consistency. This process takes about 4 minutes, so I just put on my favourite youtube and enjoy the mini-break!

3. Shine

This one is simple. When the hair is given the sustenance it needs, it has incredible shine! It looks healthy, full and nourished! This is not to be confused with oily.  The amount of hair oil you will use should start off very modestly depending on your texture. When you are using the correct amount, it will absorb into your hair/scalp and create shine without looking oily.

4. Reduced frizz

Frizz is created by the hair lacking moisture and sustenance. When the hair is lacking these vital ingredients it expands out to the atmosphere to try and absorb moisture from the air! This is why frizz gets so big! When the hair is full and nourished with the moisture of oil, it doesn't need to take a journey outward :)

5.  Elevated mood

Essential oils are incredible for uplifting mood! Sweet Orange essential oil has an uplifting fragrance, and lavender a calming effect. Clary sage calms the nervous system during times of stress and depression and uplifts mood. Aromatherapy can make you feel uplifted and stimulate calming and uplifting emotions! I included many of my favourites in my Magic Hair and Scalp oil, but you can experiment with essential oils that you are drawn to! Adding essential oils to your hair and scalp will leave you smelling and feeling great!

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