Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In loving memory of my Grandfather Rev. Fred Elson, I will be giving $1 for every All Natural Skin Cream' to the HAVE foundation. His dedication to this charity and others while he was alive was so inspiring to me. In gratitude for teaching me so much about being conscientious to others and our planet even now in Spirit. One Love.


  1. That's a very thoughtful and gracious gesture Eva. He would be very pleased.

    Love Nick

  2. This I dig. I am of the opinion we pay it forward for many reasons, one of which is the example we set for others by subtly planting seeds of loving-kindness in the minds of others. It is then up to their life experiences & the reflection of them to water those seeds & foster them to fruition. It sounds like your Granfather is a righteous example of this.
    Viva pueblo libre, man.