Friday, February 19, 2010

The mommy cut

As I finally finished getting ready to attend a birthday party, my hair curled and sprayed, I picked up my eight month old son to give him a kiss goodbye. Next thing I know the right side of my hair is coated with sweet potato and milk vomit. What to do, what to do. At this moment I finally understood why so many new mom's would come into the salon and request to have their hair cut very short. At the salon we named it the mommy cut. Little time, millions of demands, and lack of sleep allow little time to worry about hair. After having my son, I decided to keep my hair long, as short hair really doesn't suite me. This leaves me with the challenge of finding ways to make my hair look good with little effort. I have my fail-safe bun or ponytail to fallback on, but I started to get tiered of it. In order to spice it up a bit, I started to create a part and twist back a few sections into a loose bun to create a bit of spunk. Another thing to try for those mom's out there with long hair are braids. Braiding sections (aka Lauren Conrad), or creating a high ponytail and braiding it (aka Madonna 80's), creates a quick, fun look. Also, when stepping out with the little one, a ponytail with a teased fo-hawk and smooth sides makes for a funky-mommy. As mom's we forget about ourselves, but sometimes a few minutes primping can make us feel human again!


  1. Great ideas Eva! I'm not a Mommy yet but might use a few of the pointers anyway ;)

  2. ok so this is totally true ( mommy cut) it's been 9 years and I still sport it... the tips are helpful though because its true you always forget about yourself when your a mommy..To everyone out there take Eva's advice.. they are simple and make a huge impact to your overall appearance and mood. Cuz when mommys happy everyone is happy:)