Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Curly Q's answered

Eva Elson's client, Model Rachel Hale
Credit: Photo Rachel Hale

I get more questions regarding curly hair than any other type of hair. Dry, tangled, frizzy and even matting are all very typical problems for curly hair. If you are sick of looking like a frizzy triangle head, follow these rules. I have worked with more curly hair than any other texture, and I am going to share these tried and true steps for getting curls to look and feel amazing.

1. First step is the cut. Many women end up looking like a triangle because the stylist cutting their hair doesn't understand curls. Curly hair must be cut when dry and blow-dried straight. Also, curly hair needs layers to avoid the above mentioned triangle look. I recommend Kathy Ann at URBANTEXTURES salon in downtown Toronto. She is a master of making curly hair look amazing!

2. Typically, wash with a clarifying shampoo once to remove buildup of product and create a blank slate. Then wash with a moisturizing shampoo. I recommend Elucence products, they are high in moisture.

3. Towel dry out the excess water. If you skip this step the water in your hair will dilute the conditioner and you will have to use more product to get results. Moisturizing conditioner should be massaged from scalp to ends and let it sit for 5 min or under the heated dryer for 20 minutes (best bet, as curly hair needs all the moisture it can get.) Massaging the scalp also stimulates the oil glands, which is important in combatting dryness.

4.The hair is then combed out with the conditioner using a wide tooth comb. After the conditioner is rinsed, (ultimately with cold water, it closes the hair cuticle and seals in the shine) do not comb it again. I repeat, DO NOT comb it again, or you will frizz your hair. Apply leave in conditioner, and serum or light oil. I recommend Argan oil. It is light, and can also be used as a treatment with heat. No more than a few drops is needed for styling.

5. Finer hair textures should have very little product, where thicker courser curls require more product. A little shine gel will also help to define the curls, but less is more with this product. I recommend Mizani silkening gel.

6. Now, leave your hair alone. Curly hair should air dry for best results.

7. Lastly, curly hair does not need to be shampooed more than one per week max! The natural oils are necessary. Simply dampen and condition, or apply product to redefine curls. Even every two weeks between shampoos would be ideal. Trust me, it is not dirty, and will make an enormous difference. Just give your hair time to adjust, and you will see.

Good luck with the curls!

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    You mentioned Kathy Ann at Urban Textures. She does not work there anymore. Do you have her contact information?