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Being blonde

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Being Blonde
Champagne, strawberry, golden, dirty, platinum, caramel... the list goes on and on. Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, and even Britney Spears, all hard to imagine without the platinum locks. We all know what happened when Britney went through her break up, and it was a lot harder to fix than a box dye job gone wrong. Regardless, she is back on top and back to being blonde. Coincidence? I think not.

There are many ways to achieve the perfect blonde shade. Highlights (not streaks...say that word and see your colourist cringe), lightener (not bleach, same reaction as mentioned earlier), colour, or high-lift colour. People also use lemon and sun-in, but results to this method include but are not limited to; breakage, hot roots, orange hair, weird colour and brain-freeze. That last one was a joke, but I have literally never heard of someone getting a good reaction, but yet for years and years people still do it. Who knows why, I guess because it is cheap, that's all I can think of.

Getting the perfect blonde also has a lot to do with skin tone. The right shade can make you look fresh and beautiful, while the wrong one can make you look sickly. If you are on the paler side, lighter beach blonde tones are best. For olive and darker skin tones, think caramel and toffee highlights to make your skin glow.

The type of highlights are also important in creating the over all look. Chunks were very in a few years ago, but now peak-a-boo, free-hand and panel highlights are hot. Natural weave sun kissed highlights always look best, think J-LO and Jessica Alba. Make sure if you are going blonde that you regularly maintain your roots, as dark roots NEVER look good. The longer you leave it between colours, the less natural and blended it appears.

Products are also important, and I highly recommend a purple shampoo once a week to cut down any brassiness/yellow tones between salon visits. In addition, a really deep moisturizing conditioner is essential. A deep conditioning treatment or salon color treatment keeps blonde hair looking healthy. On a tight budget? Conditioner under a shower cap for ten minutes while you are in the shower works wonders.

There are also negative connotations about blondes such as; air head, ditzy, promiscuous and dumb. Maybe that’s where the whole “has more fun” came from? Just a thought. Whatever bonde shade you decide to rock, wear it with confidence and it will look great!

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